translogo                              Moe Magoski, Owner 


My interest in auto mechanics started with rebuilding a motorcycle around the age of 13 while growing up in Canada.  By the age of 15, I was working on automobiles.  After graduating from high school, I received an apprenticeship program through a Ford-Lincoln dealership in Canada.  In 1955 I was rebuilding transmissions.  In 1960 my wife and I moved to San Diego where there were greater opportunities for rebuilding old automatic and standard transmisions, restoring street rods, custom vehicles and painting.  In 1965, I started teaching auto mechanics at San Diego City College.  Even after retiring, I have continued to teach (part time) the automatic and standard transmission courses at Miramar College in San Diego.  In the mid 1980's I purchased Joe and Henry Transmissions in Escondido, California.  I specialize in rebuilding, repairing and restoring classic automobile transmissions.  I also have a large inventory of hard to find parts and accessories for your restoration projects.  For several years I traveled the automobile show circuit "World of Wheels" and showed the truck you see below.  I completely stripped this vehicle, rebuilt every aspect of it and put it back together, including 30 coats of hand rubbed black lacquer paint.  I won several trophies, awards and Best of Show titles with this vehicle. 


                        My pride and joy "The Black Maurauder" which I still own.